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Choose the turnaround time, retouching features, and pricepoint that make the most sense for you.

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Turnaround Time


Image Price From

$1.45 C$1.90 £1.05 €1.30 9,- 12,50 11,50 R$4.99

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Essential Editing

Covering all the standard editing you need for eCommerce: background removal, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data and watermarks.

$1.45 C$1.90 £1.05 €1.30 9,00 kr. 12,50 kr. 11,50 kr. R$4.99
Optional Add-ons

Monthly Subscription

$7 C$9 £5 €6 44,- 59,- 55,- R$25 $9 C$12 £7 €8 55,- 75,- 70,- R$30

For Solopreneurs in startup mode who are getting ready to grow. Get batches of images edited professionally using a self-service online interface.
Guaranteed daily capacity: 100 images.



Turnaround Time

Next morning

Image Price From

$0.75 C$0.95 £0.55 €0.65 4,75 6,50 6,- R$2.39

Image Price Calculator

Essential Editing

Covering all the standard editing you need for eCommerce: background removal, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data and watermarks.

$0.75 C$0.95 £0.55 €0.65 4,75 kr. 6,50 kr. 6,00 kr. R$2.39
Optional Add-ons

Monthly Subscription

$75 C$89 £55 €59 479,- 639,- 599,- R$239 $95 C$119 £69 €79 599,- 799,- 759,- R$299

For busy retailers who are looking to take their products to market faster. Upload by midnight and receive delivery by 8:00 a.m. (your time). Expedite to get images back in 3 hours or less.
Guaranteed daily capacity: 500 images.



Turnaround Time

From 3h

Image Price From

$0.25 C$0.30 £0.20 €0.20 1,60 2,20 2,- R$1.00

Monthly Subscription

$1,995 C$2,495 £1,395 €1,595 11.995,- 15.995,- 14.995,- R$6,495 $1,995 C$2,495 £1,395 €1,595 11.995,- 15.995,- 14.995,- R$6,495

For high volume brands, retailers, and photo studios who need to scale. Enjoy a completely custom—and technology based-retouching experience with the industry leader.

  • Self-service platform

    The foundation of your Pixelz account: an intuitive web app for communicating editing requirements, placing orders, reviewing quality, ordering re-edits and much more.
  • Essential Editing

    All the standard editing you need for eCommerce: background removal, alignment & straightening, cropping, resizing, compression, file format, color profile, DPI, file size, meta-data and watermarks.
  • Marketplace presets

    Need to comply with marketplace image rules? No sweat. Choose from our extensive library of marketplace presets and we'll do the rest. Includes ebay, Amazon, Google Shopping and many more.
  • Multiple outputs

    Need different image versions for different channels or departments? Upload a set of images and get multiple versions of each one back. You get an 80% discount on all additional outputs.
  • Instructions tool

    A simple, intuitive tool to communicate your requirements to our editors.
  • Rejection tool

    Editing not quite right? Use our rejection tool to draw directly on the image and write your comments to explain what you'd like to be done differently.
  • Email support

    Reach out to our support staff for assistance during working hours.
  • Basic retouch

    Basic cleanup retouch package for removal of general imperfections dust, dirt, fluff, pins, scratches, fingerprints etc.
  • Professional retouch

    Pick from product-specific retouch packages refined while producing millions of images for elite photo studios around the world.
  • Color matching

    Accurate colors increase customer trust and reduce returns. Use the color matching feature to have our editors tune in product colors using a reference swatch or image.
  • 3 Hour Expedite

    Need an image or order urgently? Click a button and get it back in three hours or less.
  • Mobile app

    Keep track of your orders while you're away from your desk and get push notifications when your images are ready for download.
  • Desktop app

    Use our proprietary desktop uploader app to streamline your workflow and get images into production throughout the working day.
  • Production Reports

    Total transparency and accountability. Detailed charts help you track your usage and our performance.
  • Live order status

    See exactly where your images are in our production system and how much time was spent on each production step.
  • Custom retouch

    Retouching tailored to your exact requirements.
  • Custom onboarding

    Our onboarding team of photography consultants and graphic designers will work with you to optimize style guides and workflows.
  • Account manager

    A dedicated account manager to provide support, training and respond to your needs on a daily basis.
  • 24/7 Skype support

    Need to communicate urgent requirements in the middle of the night? No problem. Talk to our dedicated Enterprise support team via Skype at any time.
  • Service Level Agreement

    A Service Level Agreement (SLA) ensures your deadlines and expectations are met. Get what you’re promised, when you’re promised, with total transparency at the macro and micro level.

Software Extensions


$45 C$59 £29 €35 279,- 379,- 359,- R$149 $56 C$69 £39 €45 349,- 479,- 449,- R$179 /month

Image combination for multi-packs, color options, and assortment bundles; choose from predesigned layouts, or create your own.

Image Library

$95 C$125 £70 €85 595,- 779,- 749,- R$319 $119 C$159 £89 €109 749,- 995,- 949,- R$395 /month

Dynamic image collections, custom storage timing, and advanced search builder.

Not available on Solo

Additional Users

$9 C$12 £7 €8 59,- 79,- 75,- R$32 $12 C$15 £9 €10 75,- 99,- 95,- R$43 /month

Delegate account control with powerful permissions.

Not available on Solo


$95 C$125 £70 €85 595,- 779,- 749,- R$319 $119 C$159 £89 €109 749,- 995,- 949,- R$395 /month

Recolor or color match images from a swatch library, by Pantone color, or RGB value; automate with metadata or file name, or use an on online interface.

Not available on Solo


$49 C$59 £35 €39 289,- 395,- 369,- R$159 $59 C$69 £45 €49 369,- 499,- 469,- R$189 /month

Give instructions visually by drawing on an image in your browser, with color coded highlighting and comments.

Not available on Solo



    Vi vet hvor vanskelig det kan være å finne en løsning som er fleksibel i forhold til sesonger, levering av høy kvalitet hver gang og som dessuten kan levere hurtig. Nå kan du dra nytte av vår løsning, som er bygget på lang erfaring innen e-handel.


    Dine produkter, bilder og virksomhet er unik. Optimer din arbeidsflyt gjennom å velge den løsningen som passer deg best. Vi jobber konstant på å utvikle vår teknologi for å matche dine behov.


    Ring gjerne. Lokal support, bakgrunn i e-handel og stolthet i arbeidet fremmer samarbeidet. Vår CSR-politikk sørger for like arbeidsvilkår på alle våre kontorer verden rundt.


    Få dine bilder levert når og hvor du vil ved hjelp av web, FTP, skreddersydd arbeidsflyt eller API integrasjon. Vår produksjonsteknologi, S.A.W™, hever nivået for ensartethet, kvalitet og levering.

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  • Pixelz hits the nail on the head every time!

    This year we've seen a huge increase in the quality of creative work produced by our team and that is largely thanks to the dependability of Pixelz.

    Tristan Bolle
    Catch of the Day
  • Nice and easy and not expensive

    Great work. My wire wrapped jewelry is virtually impossible for me to work around clearing the grey background from. You did a great job with fast turnaround. Will come back.

    Trustpilot User
  • Working with Pixelz has been a breeze in every way.

    Pixelz provides a simple, well documented API that we were able to integrate into our administrative flow within a week.

    Jehn Howard
  • Fast & professional

    I am always amazed at the quality of the picture. Even if the picture can be a bit fuzzy round the edge, they always make is look great, just like a proper professional! Definitely impressed.

    Trustpilot User
  • The accessory, shoes, and jewelry pages on our site have never looked better.

    Pixelz has provided fast turnaround times while maintaining consistent results week after week!

    Cassie Bergman
  • Super fast turnaround, excellent quality!

    Even around complex, finely detailed edges, the images turned out great. I am extremely impressed! This is now a standard part of my workflow.

    Trustpilot User
  • Pixelz not only met all of our needs but also provided us with new techniques to make our images stand out.

    Pixelz has helped us be more competitive by reducing studio-to-web lead times and has enabled us to sell multichannel.

    Greg Simpson
  • Pixelz Inc is the best.

    For the price it can't be beat, the quality is awesome. Thanks again, I will continue to use them always.

    Trustpilot User
  • A complete online platform to easily manage our product image editing needs.

    We've been able to optimize our process and deliver a better service to our customers.

    Adam Hanin
    Skye Associates


Ja. Vi respekterer ditt privatliv, personlige opplysninger og intellektuell eiendom. Vi bruker SSL-kryptering for å sikre at din data er trygg, og vi sletter bildene fra systemet vårt 30 dager etter at de er blitt behandlet (med mindre du angir noe annet). Vennligst sjekk våre rettningslinjer for personvern for mer informasjon.


Det kommer ann på hvilken løsning du velger. E-handlere som velger vår SOLO løsning betaler per bestilling med credits. Disse kan kjøpes på fire forskjellige måter: Visa, MaserCard, American Express og PayPal. For Professional-, Enterprise- og API-kunder tilbyr vi månedlig betaling.


Alle som blir SOLO eller Professional får tre testbilder gratis. Vi aksepterer produktbilder i de fleste filformat. Men kun produktbilder, ikke portrett, hunder eller katter (uansett hvor søte de er). Du får full tilgang til vårt system og legger inn en bestilling helt som vanlig, men de tre første bildene vil ikke bli fakturert.


Ingen grunn til bekymring. Du kan ikke overbelaste oss; vårt produksjonssystem er utviklet for å klare store volumer. Vi bruker både manuelle og automatiserte kvalitetskontroller for å se at bildene blir presis som du ønsker.


Professional har en innebygget rabatt i form av lavere stykkpris enn SOLO. Kontakt oss om du har flere enn 10 000 bilder per år, så hjelper vi deg med å finne den beste løsningen.


Hvis du er Professional og laster opp dine bilder seneste kl. 18 lokal tid, så leverer vi bildene kl. 10 neste morgen (mandag til lørdag). Hvis du skulle trenge enda raskere levering, kan du velge Professional eller Enterprise, da får du 3-timers ekresslevering.